Gluten Free Fibre foods List

gluten free fibre foods
These gluten free fibre foods,on our list are all healthy and wholesome foods, rich in dietary fibre
Medical research has shown that people on a gluten free diet tend to eat inadequate amounts of fibre rich foods.


It can be difficult to get enough dietary fibre on a this diet as grains containing gluten are often the main source of fibre
It is recommended you need around 30gms of fibre/fiber daily

Fruit and vegetables are all fantastic sources of gluten free fibre, and should be plentiful in any diet

Gluten free soluble fibre foods







Broccoli                                                         3.8 gms  per 100gms
Peas                                                                6.6 gms
Potatoes                                                         2.4 gms
Spinach                                                         4.8 gms
Carrots raw                                                  3.9 gms
Artichoke boiled                                         9.5 gms
Garlic (peeled ,raw)                                   16.9 gms
Apples unpeeled                                         3.0 gms
Pear unpeeled                                             3.4 gms
Raspberries                                                 6.1 gms
Blackberries                                                6.1 gms
Blueberries                                                  1.8 gms
Strawberries                                               2.5 gms
Prunes                                                          7.8 gms
Dates (Dried)                                              9.7 gms
Sundried tomatoes                                   14.7 gms
Cocconut grated and desiccated           15.4 gms

Dried fruits like  Apple (9.1 gms per 100),  Apricot,(8.4 gms per 100),and  Fig (14.3 per 100gms)  are also an excellent sources of  dietary fibre, but  can be high in sugars. So don’t go crazy, just a couple of pieces a day.

Nuts are a great source of  fibre, but are best eaten raw or not overly processed, preferably unsalted.








Brazil Nuts  whole                           8.4 gms     per 100gms
Pinenuts                                             5.1 gms
Almond  whole with skin on         8.8 gms
Cashews raw                                    5.9 gms
Walnuts                                             6.4 gms
Pistachios unsalted                        9.0 gms
peanuts roasted with skin            8.3 gms
Sunflower                                        10.8 gms
Hazel nut raw                                10.6 gms

Seeds can be  excellent source of gluten free fibre, full of healthy fats, and protein

gluten free fibre







Chia                                                     40 gms  per 100 gms
Flaxseeds                                            28gms
Hempseeds                                        30 gms    ( hemp flour  42 gms per 100 gms)
Pumpkin                                            10.2 gms
sunflour                                             10.8 gms
sessame tahini                                  13.5 gms
Psyllium husk                                   71 gms of soluble fibre per 100gms

Beans are high  fibre foods..Few foods can compare with beans when it comes to fibre / fiber.

gluten free fibre foods






Black  Beans                                                          6.9 gms  per 100gms
Kidney Beans                                                        6.5 gms
Haricot  ( dried, boiled and drained)            8.8gm
Haricot  (dried)                                                    18.5 gms
Lentils (dried, boiled and drained)                3.7 gm
Lentils  (dried)                                                     13.7 gms
Navy Beans                                                           7.7 gms
Garbanza Beans / Chick Peas                          4.7 gms
Soya beans (dried, boiled and drained)       7.2 gm
Soya beans ( dried)                                            20.1 gms
Red Kidney Beans (dried)                                 21.5 gms
Red kidney (canned and drained))                6.6gms

Some grains, providing they are not over processed are also great sources of fibre

Amaranth  uncooked                        7 gms per 100 gms
Quinoa                                                 6.9gms
Brown Rice  boiled                            1.5 gms
Buckwheat – whole groats              10.3 gms
Oats (gluten free)                              1.7 gms
Rice bran (extruded)                        25.5gms

 Gluten Free Diet

The foods we have chosen are all great Gluten free  fibre foods and act as a comparison for you when planning your diet. If however you require a more indepth analysis,  or for foods not included  go to NUTTAB, which is a good source of information

Naturally Gluten Free Foods

Many foods are naturally gluten free. These include: fruit, vegetables, salad, rice, potato, corn, plain meat (not sausages), fish, eggs,  milk, and most yoghurts and cheese, pulses (peas, beans and lentils). You can eat all of these on a gluten free diet, however some foods like milk and cheese have very little fibre.

One  Final Recommendation
Fibre and water must go hand in hand to avoid constipation, so include plenty of water  in your gluten free fibre diet
Also add fibre to your diet slowly, especially if you are very low in dietary fibre now, and of  course lots of water to flush out your system.

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