Healthy Protein Snacks, Rich In Fibre Foods

Healthy High Fibre Protein Snacks

healthy snacks, protein snacksIt is often hard finding protein snacks, rich in Fibre and protein, usually it is just one or the other.

We know the importance of Protein in maintaining a healthy blood sugar level, a strong immune system and is essential for the renewal of cells .However as we know some protein foods are not necessarily high in fibre which is so critical for a healthy digestive tract.

For many people eating just protein , can tend to make them constipated if they have trouble breaking the protein down in the digestive tract. This is where the fibre foods can be so important.

The following is a list of a few protein snacks  which are high in protein and fibre. These are healthy snacks and also taste great.

Protein Snacks/ High Fibre Snacks

1/ A rice cake with delicious almond butter sprinkled with pumpkin seeds

2/ A mixture of almonds, pine nuts, pistachios with a sprinkling of cinnamon and dried fruit such as chopped dates ,cranberries.( Not too much dried fruit because it will spike blood sugar)

3/ Cottage cheese or peanut butter spread on celery sticks

4/ A protein shake with rice, whey or soy protein with blueberries, cinnamon and almond milk.

5/ Roasted chickpeas ( You can sometimes find them in health shops or you can make them yourself using tinned chickpeas and gently roasting them on an oven tray with oil, salt and any other spice you like)

6/ Hummus on celery sticks or on a very thin rice cracker, with nuts or seeds sprinkled on top.

The healthy protein snacks suggested above do take a little more thought than just grabbing a snack from a supermarket or cafe, the health benefits however are worth the effort. If you analyze the most common snack foods out there in our shops and even at home, you can easily see they often consist of high carbohydrate or high fatty foods.

There is also controversy over whether our over indulgence in snack foods is really what the body needs to maintain health. Many people advocate no snacking between meals while others believe eating every two hours approximately is the most ideal

The bottom line is everyone is different and has different requirements depending on age, activity levels and any underlying health issues such as blood sugar instability.

Most people function the best on a balance of protein and high fibre carbohydrate foods in their main meals eg. chicken with salad or a piece of steak with stir fry vegetables and ideally that should be carried through to their snack choices which should also be high fibre snacks, rich in protein, with a balance of carbohydrate. An exception may be if someone is about to play sport or exercise in some way. then they are likely to want and need to increase their carbohydrates before exercise and eat high fibre snacks with protein after they exercise to help their muscles recover.

Whatever your body requirements may  be, having a healthy diet and incorporating a healthy high Fibre protein snack is definitely the best for everyone including children.

It is important that children learn healthy eating habits from a young age.

Children often are given snacks such as potato chips or chippies ,lollies, biscuits and white bread for their snacks ,None of which are high fibre protein snacks or have much nutritional value at all. These kinds of foods are quite addictive and definitely contribute to the increase in obesity and type 2 diabetes in young people. Healthy food and healthy snacks are important for everyone and need not all be expensive or hard to put together. Even a simple snack like a small apple with a handful or nuts can provide the protein ,the fibre but also keep that all important blood sugar under control.

It is worth looking at incorporating healthy snacks into your diet whenever possible. Protein snacks rich in fibre and Protein are not necessarily complicated to prepare and they taste delicious.


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