Fibre Rich Foods High in Protein

 High Protein Foods High in Fibre

Foods high in fibre and High in ProteinOften when we think of Foods High in Fibre we tend to automatically think of the high carbohydrate foods rather than foods which are high in protein

This is because the foods which we hear most about , are foods high in fibre, and tend to be the high carbohydrate wholegrain foods such as oats and wheat and of course bran . Fruits and vegetables are also included in the high fibre foods and although they are beneficial for us, they are also essentially carbohydrates and don’t generally contain high levels of protein

While many of us are trying to consume less of the high carbohydrate foods due to their effect on blood sugar stability ,insulin resistance and weight gain we all know the importance of having foods high in fibre.

Foods High in Fibre are essential for:

Bowel health e.g. reducing the risk of irritable bowel/diverticulitis/bowel cancer

Reducing the risk of Heart disease eg. maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and reducing the risk of atherosclerosis.

Improving the absorption of nutrients and the supporting a healthy Immune system.

Protein is also an essential food.

Protein is required in the body for healthy renewal of cells and for a good immune system. It is also necessary for muscles and bone health, hormone stability and many other important body functions

Sometimes it can be hard to get the right balance nutritionally when we are trying to eat the best possible diet for our health, not overdo the sugars ,keep our fibre up and get good levels of protein.

Fortunately there a number of foods with good levels of good quality protein but also have good levels of fibre.

High Protein Foods High  in FibreFibre Rich Foods/High Protein Foods

These foods include

Nuts such as almonds, Walnuts .Pecans and Pistachios

Beans such as Pinto beans Lima Beans and Soya beans

                                                                                 Seeds and such as Pumpkin Seeds, Chia  seeds and grains such as Quinoa

Below is a list of a few of these high protein foods which are also high in  fibre with a comparison of oat bran at the end which is a popular high fibre food which is also high in carbohydrate

Walnuts (Mg per 100 grams)                                Amino Acids: 15,230  Dietary Fibre: 6,700

Raw Soybeans (mg of per 100grams )                 Amino Acids: 36,490  Dietary Fibre 9,300

Lima Beans (mg per 100 grams)                           Amino Acids: 6,840  Dietary Fibre 4,90

Quinoa (mg of per 100 grams of Quinoa)             Amino Acids  Proteins 14,120
Dietary  Fibre 7,000

Almonds ( mg per 100grams of raw almonds )    Amino Acids: 21,260  Fibre: 11,800

Pumpkin Seeds (mg per 100 grams )                    Amino Acids: 24,540  Fibre: 3,900

Chia Seeds ( mg per 100 Grams )                           Amino Acids: 19,000 – 23,000                                                                                                           Soluble Fiber 5,000

Oat Bran (mg of Substance per 100 grams of raw Oat Bran)                                                    Amino Acids: 17,300 Fibre: 3900

It is recommended that Women consume approximately 20-25 grams of Dietary Fibre per day and men between 25 and 35 grams per day.

A worthy contributor to dietary fibre worth considering would be Flaxseeds. Although lacking the protein ,certainly has a lot to offer in a great array of nutrients.

Body requirements for all nutrients will vary on the needs of each individual however everyone should include a variety of foods in their diet including  foods high in fibre, high protein foods, vegetables , fruits, nuts and seeds .


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