High Fibre Diet

Maintaining a high fibre diet can help you keep your body healthy. Fibre foods are usually low in fat material and also contain cancer-fighting properties. While a low fat diet can be good for you, it is important that you do not overlook all types of fat, however. Try eating some foods with unsaturated fats, as they are necessary for an overall healthy diet.

High Fibre Diet example

High fibre diet breakfast

 high fibre breakfast - oatmeal with berries
Start the high fibre diet day with a breakfast that contains one cup of oatmeal or a serving of whole-grain cereal. Oatmeal will get you about 4g of fibre, but it is recommended that you eat at least 5g of fibre for your breakfast. You can easily add one more gram of fibre to your breakfast by eating a handful of berries (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries…), as all berries are high in fibre.


High fibre Diet Snack

 fruit and nut snacks rich in fiber
A middle-morning and middle-afternoon snack can and should be taken in a  fibre rich diet, to help keep hunger and fatigue away. Your daily snack should include a cup of fruit, a handful of nuts, such as almonds and low fat popcorn. Each of these options will be high in fibre and low in unhealthy fat.


High fibre diet lunch

 whole grain bean burrito
For your lunch, try including whole grains in the form of breads, pastas or rice. These are all low-fat sources of fibre. Lunch should also include a protein source that is low in fat. Some examples include tofu, beans, nuts, peanut butter or fish.
A lunch menu for a fibre rich diet could contain a bean burrito on a whole grain wrap, whole grain pasta with marinara sauce and vegetables or banana sandwich on whole grain bread. You should also have a serving of fruit and vegetables with every lunch to increase the fibre content. Drink water with your lunch, because it will help digestion.


High fibre diet dinner

fibre foods - high fibre diet - dinner - lentil soup
Dinner for a fibre rich  diet should be smaller than what you are generally used to. With all the fibre intake you took during the day, your body should feel filled, making you less hungry than usual. Stick to whole grain pasta dishes with low fat meats or soy products. Experiment eating black bean burgers on a whole wheat bun. Make lentil soup and eat it for dinner regularly, when on a diet rich in fibre. It can be made and frozen for future dinners.
With your dinner eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. Try not to cook your vegetables in high fat products such as butter or bacon grease. Instead, cook them with a little bit of olive oil and season them with salt and pepper.

Keep in mind this is just an example of one day when on a high fibre diet, obviously you won’t have to eat this everyday!

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  1. luke day says:

    Hey just wondering I’m starting to eat better what was,just wondering what are good high fibre food

  2. tracy says:

    I suffer with ins and stomach is also bloated and swallon a lot wot foods would u recommend

  3. carmel mc cann says:

    hi was just wondering was told today by my doctor that i need to go on a high fibre diet as i have a blockage on my right side of my bowel.could you please tell me what foods to eat. thank you.

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