Insoluble Fibre

What is insoluble fibre?

Insoluble fibre is a coarse material that does not dissolve in water, passing through the digestive system almost unchanged.

bran cereals - insoluble fibre foodsWhat it does:

  • Prevent or relieve constipation – insoluble fibres bulk up the food, increasing the rate at which food goes through the digestive system, relieving constipation.
  • Reduce the risk of bowel cancer – when food moves through the digestive tract quickly, there is not enough time for harmful material to build up in the intestine. This could help prevent bowel cancer.
  • Prevent hemorrhoidsinsoluble fibre makes food move at a faster pace in the intestine, reducing the pressure in the intestine, which is the principal reason for hemorrhoids.

Good sources of insoluble fibre are:

  • cereals
  • wholemeal and wholegrain bread
  • pasta
  • skins of fruits and vegetables
  • nuts

2 Responses to Insoluble Fibre

  1. Pat Darty says:

    I have been to my GP and then referred to the Hospital to the GI clinic and now need to make a point of changing my diet to try and reduce my Bloating and IBS symptoms and try and make things more comfortable. I need to try more foods that are insoluable but not really sure of what these are??? Please can you advise.

    Many Thansk

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